Media de-duplication script.

I enjoy using Plex Media Server. To the point where I have backed up all of my media, tossed the cases, and put everything into folders. A big plug for Plex and MakeMKV.

There are filename formats that you should use for TV shows:

That’s nice, but once in a while you might replace content (Blu-Ray instead of DVD quality, etc.) It can be a pain to re-rip all that content. If you use automated tools to pull content and sort it out and move it places, sometimes you’ll wind up with multiple versions of the same file, possibly with different filenames, formats, etc.

That was the case for me, and I had changed filename formats due to the conversion to Plex from XBMC. That’s the biggest reason for this (simple) script:

While most of the filename was different what wasn’t is the sxxexx format (s01e01, s01e02, etc.) With some regex, that’s enough to compare and remove duplicates. Note, this will prompt for every match. Even if you’ve removed the first instance.


Repairing Zeon Endeavour loops

My wife uses loops (Zeon Endeavour’s) for her hygiene job. They’re quite sturdy unit but everything breaks given a bounce at the wrong angle. The process for getting them repaired is quite steep given the simplicity of the units. In this specific case they were dropped and the battery mount was bumped off.

It’s incredibly easy to take apart. Simply unscrew both nuts.




Next up is sliding the unit out. There’s nothing that will catch. Just hold onto the bottom, and slide the unit out.


For this unit, the battery pieces were bent, and it was ripped entirely clean of the circuit board. If the damage had been less, putting a bit of tape on the battery pack to prevent it from moving around would have been enough to fix it. We could have re-soldered the connector back onto the board, but the circuits themselves were pulling off of the PCB as well.


Here is the deconstructed unit. Note that there are only 4 screws, and two nuts. To fix, simply reverse the order. It does take some force to slide the unit back in. Be careful not to slide it too hard when it’s almost in, you can push the battery connectors out like ours was.