PRK Recovery Day 2

I started the day working easily (on a computer screen.) I had to dim the screen after about an hour and I wasn’t in discomfort, but I couldn’t have the brightness all the way up without taking breaks. I tried taking the pain medication they gave me but it didn’t affect the light sensitivity at all. It actually made it worse – or so I thought at the time – but it was just gradually increasing. I believe this was the beginning of healing. I no longer felt like there was something stuck in my right eye, but that had moved firmly to my left eye.

The sensation was not distracting, but definitely present.

I made the mistake at the end of the night of trying to see Star Wars. Mistake. I was able to see part of the previews and that was it. Eyes closed for the rest of the movie. Even a thin slit was too painful. My eyes wouldn’t keep open.

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