PRK prep

As one of the last posts in this series I wanted to highlight a couple of things that I’d recommend to prepare.

First, a tub. Make sure you can either not bathe for a week without issue or that you can take a bath somewhere. You’re not going to be able to take a shower for a minimum of a week safely – there’s too much risk of infection until the layer of skin on the eye grows back.

Second, a place where you can go that’s absolutely dark. Again, a bathtub is a very nice way to relax during the day or two of light sensitivity you might experience.

You’ll need lubricant. My doctor gave me a days supply of drops, but you’re going to want quite a few more. I used 50 of these in about 6 days. Go for 100, you will use them. If you don’t have a Costco membership this is the lowest price per unit I’ve found. The sticks are nice because you can stuff a few in your pockets if you’re going to be away from home for a while and each stick can be used in both eyes 2 or 3 times.


If there’s a Costco in your area and you are a member you can get them slightly cheaper but it requires a membership:,-100-Single-Use-Containers.product.11318658.html

Even after it’s no longer a requirement for my surgery I’ll keep buying this brand. I hate putting stuff in my eyes and the squeeze trigger on these makes it so much easier. There’s no surprise when the drop will land.

Food – this seems simple but if you skip this step and don’t have someone around that can cook/order food for you on the light sensitive days you’re probably going to go hungry rather than deal with the pain. Stock up on foods with vitamin C and load up immediately before and during your recovery. It helps.

Safety goggles/sunglasses. I’m into scuba so I actually used a scuba mask to risk a partial shower after most of the healing was done. You absolutely should not risk getting water in your eyes. Be extremely careful, and only attempt this with something you know for sure won’t leak.

Entertainment. Even reading paper books is going to be tricky, and you’re not going to be watching TV/movies through the process – just too hard. Stock up on audiobooks, music, TV shows that you can just listen to, etc.

Work. I was able to work the next two days after but it was hard. Make sure that you plan for at least a week of not having to be in the office. Your experience might vary drastically but keep your options open.

Sleep aids. You might look at melatonin, or other chemicals to help you get to sleep. Trust me. It works it’s effective, and there will probably be times you need the help. Falling asleep when your eyes are this kind of irritated can be difficult.

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