PRK Recovery day 4

Christmas Day! I survived!

Day 3 of PRK was by far the worst. I had mild sensitivity on day 2 but it wasn’t bad. Day 3 I could barely see. On Christmas Day the light sensitivity was definitely present.

I felt like I had something in both eyes but the left eye was the worst. I could keep my eyes open in a room with lights but I couldn’t look outside and keep my eyes open.

This was the day that I knew that my eyes were healing. I woke up and my sharp vision was gone. Replacing it was a warm fuzzy haze. This wasn’t like being near-sighted. I could tell that there was a sharp line behind the fuzz, but there’s a layer of tissue between diffusing the light. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s not at all like being near, or farsighted.

Probably the best way to visualize it is as having crystal clear vision, then putting a few layers of Saran Wrap between you and something. It just gets hazy.

On surgery and recovery day 1 I’d say I easily had 20/15 vision. On day 2 in retrospect it probably dropped a little bit. I’d guess 20/20 maybe – not enough to notice, but a drop. In the morning I’d guess I had 20/100 vision, if that in both eyes. Very blurry. Not as blurry as if I’d not had my glasses, but the sharp was gone. It was a little more pronounced in my left eye than my right eye and as the day went on that got progressively more noticeable. By the end of the night my vision in my right eye was much sharper than my left. My right eye had cleared up, I’d guess maybe a 20/60ish vision in my right, 20/80 or 20/90 in my left.

As with the rest of this post, any assumptions I make are purely speculation by an untrained person. I’m comparing my vision pre, post, and in recovery to make a guess.

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