PRK Recovery Day 6

Today the contacts came out. I figured it would be a slightly painful experience. Not so. They numbed my eyes again and pulled the contacts out. They’re pretty much like regular contacts. She used tweezers which I figured would be hard to hold still for but you don’t see ’em.

I had 3 rounds of vision testing. Before the contacts came out I tested at 20/30, and 20/25 respectively. Using the pinhole test I was easily able to get 20/20. When they contacts were removed I was still able to see 20/30, and 20/25 letters but I missed a couple more. My vision did get worse, but barely.

I did still have a hole in the skin but it was tiny so they opted to keep the contacts out – I just have to use the steroid and antibacterial drops a bit more.

Very pleased with the progress so far. I can almost see well enough to read standard font on a computer screen. It is no longer 84px 🙂

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