PRK recovery day 7

I’ve had a bit of trouble sleeping the last couple of nights since my contacts came out. It’s not a lot, but it is noticeable at times. It doesn’t feel like anything is in my eye at this point but it does feel rough when I blink. That’s somewhat to be expected. It’s much less than yesterday. I don’t know how much is left to heal but I woke up with vision in my left eye equal to that in my right as of Sunday. I’m starting to get brief glimpses (usually immediately after using drops) where I can see with a clarity I have not had since day 1.

The haze in my left eye is almost completely gone and it’s being replaced by a slightly fuzzy blur. I can see sharpness again in my right eye but getting it to focus takes a little work. If progress continues on this rate I expect that I’ll have as good as vision as I had with glasses by this weekend.

One of my friends asked about halos as a lot of the earlier surgeries had issues with them. That apparently has been mostly removed as a problem when they started mapping the eye itself. At this stage I can notice a little halo. When I wore glasses earlier (astigmatism) ┬áthere was more halo that exists in either eye at this point. LEDs across the room have a little blur but as of lat night it’s almost clear.

I probably will just have short blurbs from here on out, unless something unexpected happens. I think I’d pinpoint day 5 (Sunday) or day 6 as the big turning points in recovery. Even if my vision doesn’t improve from here, it was absolutely worth it and I would undergo the procedure again in a second.

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