PRK recovery day 8-14

There was a brief window between days 8 and 11 where I had ghosting (a double-image) as the left eye caught up to the right one in terms of being able to see. With that came quite the headache as my brain tried to process out-of-sync information. That cleared up fairly quickly.

Not a lot of changes here. My left eye has gradually caught up with my right one. I still see ghosting in my right eye a little but but the haze is completely gone. Down to a few drops of the steroids a day along with tons of drops. (Did I mention to get them at Costco? They’re a steal there.)

Testing today the eye has been completely healed. I can now take showers again. That will probably be the most enjoyable shower I have ever had. The doctor said one thing that was interesting – the surface of the eye is the holdup for clarity. Even though the flap has closed it’s still rough causing a slight bump. They noted that I was ahead of the healing curve but that I was sitting at 20/20, and 20/15 respectively and things have not cleared up yet. I attribute the accelerated healing to luck, and religiously taking the drops on-time.

No scarring, no corneal haze. Pretty lucky all things considered. My vision is better than it has been for years, even with correction. If you have astigmatism… get PRK. It’s worth it. If you’re on the fence on if PRK is worth it even with the suck of the first week… it is. Even with slightly fuzzy vision.

Other things that are interesting, my next checkup is 6 weeks out and it will likely be my last. At this stage I’m not done with care, I still have 4x daily steroid drops and I have to wear shades outside. There’s a risk of scarring if you don’t. I read a lot of FUD about what the steroids do. In case anyone is reading this and has seen the same – they promote healing, not slow it down. There’s a nice bonus where they reduce inflammation – allowing you to see better against light during the painful days.

I’ll update weekly from here on out, but won’t post daily unless something big happens. Now that I can see again I’ll have to go back and proof-read earlier posts 🙂

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