PRK recovery – week 4.

The last (two) weeks have been up and down. The nurse surprised me during my last exam when the eye I thought was my fuzzy one was actually better than my ‘good’ eye. Expect lots of that. An eye will be good up close for a couple of days, then distance is better. What is awesome is terrible 48 hours later.

I ran out of steroid drops on the holiday first thing and only got drops in one eye. KU Eye Med (the clinic I had the procedure done at) was apparently closed. It took over 24 hours to get refill drops. It could have just been in my head but my vision appeared to regress significantly. I got the drops back in mid-afternoon and throughout the evening my vision appeared to improve. Distance is still pretty fuzzy but it’s doable. ┬áThe most obnoxious part – one eye is sharper than the other at times, right? Prepare for headaches as your brain is angered at the processing changes.

There was a point today when I was driving and I couldn’t read the text on signs until they were closer than I would like where I began to wonder if something was wrong. Then I remembered my vision immediately after the surgery. Hold onto that memory. You will have nearly that level of clarity again. Focus will come and go until the outer layer is fully healed, nothing is wrong at this point.

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